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It's estimated that an occupied home sells as much as 30% faster than homes that are left vacant. Occupied homes are always under the watchful eye of its inhabitants, and upkeep is easier. Don't leave your home at the mercy of vandals. Our experienced professionals can make your home more profitable with a personal caretaker.

Let our team be the eyes and ears to your home.

Placing a caretaker in your home is a service we provide at no cost to the homeowner or their agent. Our qualified caretakers are matched with your home to provide protection, help you save money and give you a more competitive edge in the market.

Increase your curb appeal

• Insurance cost is reduced because home is occupied

• No Landlord / tenant problems

• Caretaker can vacate in as little as (10-30) days

• Home is left clean for new owner

• A shorter marketing time and higher selling price

• All utilities and lawn care are paid by the caretaker

• No cost to the homeowner or agent

• No concerns with vandalism


Here's what you should know:

Our caretakers are adults who have owned their own home or are saving money to purchase a place of their own. They decorate and stage your home to sell. Each caretaker is subject to a full screening.

We respect your property

We can make your vacant home marketable

1. Property management: For 1/2 of a month’s rent, we advertise, interview and carefully select a tenant.  For a small percent a month, we collect the rent and remit with an accounting to the homeowner monthly.  We also take care of the day to day problems.


2. Caretaker Occupied Home: For a home on the market to sell!  A selected Caretaker with complimentary furniture will occupy the home, care for and maintain it pays all utilities and homeowner association fees until sold, at no cost to the homeowner. The home is protected and in show condition.  The Caretaker pays a modest fee to be a part of this uncommon program, allowing us to provide the service at no cost to the Homeowner. We guarantee the home to be in as good a condition when we vacate as when we first occupied the home. Possession will not be a problem as there is not a tenant/landlord relationship.


3. Modified Caretaker Program: The Homeowner receives monthly compensation. Approximately 20 to 25% of what rent would be. Selected sub-contractors are placed in the home, enhancing it, caring for it, paying utilities, vacating on 30 to 45-day notice, having the home ready to show on a 4-hour notice.


4. House Sitting: Selected insured person or couple lives in the home during the absence of the owner. At NO COST to the owner, 3-month minimum.


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